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A "
Gil Anthony Brother to da Blues " Production!
  1. Teeny Tucker..Put On Your Red Dress Baby..TeBo Rec
  2. Dave Keller..Every Soul's a Star..Catfood
  3. Sandy Carroll..Blues & Angels..Catfood Rec
  4. Barbara Blue..Fish in Dirty H2O..Blue Rec
  5. Fiona Boyes..Voodoo in the Shadows..Blue Empress
  6. Walter Trout..Survivor Blues..Provogue Rec
  7. Dee Miller Band..Leopard Print Dress
  8. Mick Kolassa..149 Delta..Endless Blues
  9. Bob Margolin..Same..Vizztone
  10. Bobby Blackhat Walters..Put on Your Red Shoes..Self
  11. Murray Kinsley/Wicked Grin..Murder Creek..Phoenix Rec
  12. Kevin Burt..Heartland & Soul..Little Village
  13. Doug Deming..Complicated Mess..Ellersoul
  14. Dry Johnson..Long Live Them Blues Vol 1..Self
  15. Big Al & Heavyweights..World Full of Trouble..Ellersoul
  16. Ben Rice..Wish the World Away..Self
  17. Anthony Gomes..Peace,Love & Loud Guitars..Self
  18. Watermelon Slim..Church of the Blues..Northern Blues
  19. Paul Oscher..Cool Cat..Blues Fidelity
  20. Benny Turner/Cash McCall..Going Back Home..Nola Blue
  21. Vin Mott..Rogue Hunter..Self
  22. Leroy Ellington..Sanctified..Infiniti Group
  23. Niecie..Trouble With a Capitol T..Tiger Rec
  24. Nick Schnebelen..Crazy All By Myself..Vizztone
  25. Cara Lippman..Grit..Self
  26. Chris O'Leary..7 Minutes Late..American Showplace
  27. Atomic Road Kings..Clean Up the Blood..Big Tone
  28. Lindsay Beaver..Tough to Cry..Alligator
  29. John Mayhall..Nobody Told Me..Forty Below rec
  30. Colin Linden/Luther Dickinson..Amour..Stony Plain
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Tallahassee, FL, 32309
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BLUES POWER TOP 30... March 2019