Ruth Brown
01/12/1928 - 11/17/2006 (78yrs)
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Ruth Brown Tribute 2006
I started with a rather in depth writing of the relationship that I was
fortunate to have with Ruth Brown...I started typing and realized that
telling you about my feelings for Ruth and about all the different
conversations we had would be a couple of chapters long. So let me just
say this ...Ruth Brown was a fighter right to the end, she had every reason
to give up so many times but she always jumped back up. Ruth survived
open heart surgery, a stroke, plus quite a few physical and professional set
backs in the past few years but Ruth kept coming back and planning her
next step, all I can say is that if in your lifetime you meet someone like
Ruth Brown who burns a flame of internal hope you are a very lucky
person, fortunately  I have been blessed twice , and  I thank God that Ruth
was one of those blessings....